A very bitter pill, evaluating the collected goal in the Hodgson setting

The English were drawn to the European Championship with Russia 1: 1 and they were unable to enter the championship by victory for the ninth attempt. Anglii sent Eric Dier’s lead 73 minutes into the game, but the visitors’ Vasilij Berezucki was onto it. “I think we played very well and the equalizing goal was a bit of a bitter pill.” Russia gave a wonderful goal, but I miss the draw now As defeat.When I think of the first fifteen minutes of the second half, we have had the game completely under control, “quoted uefa.com England coach Roy Hodgson.

” I have to thank the players because they fought to To finish, “said Russian coach Leonid Slucki. ” England dominated the match, but we managed to steal its attackers who are very fast.It was a great help to us that we managed to keep the ball in the middle of the pitch, “he said.

The Duel in Marseille also confirmed the position of one of the richest matches in the championship because of the fans’ skirmishes. From Thursday night to conflicts between English and Russian supporters, it was also about two hours before the game, and one man was transferred to the hospital with a heart attack, another fell into unconsciousness, and many fans suffered bloody injuries.

Russian fans also attacked the English Right on the stands after the final whistle, the UEFA Disciplinary Board has already begun an incident. “I do not know what was going on around the stadium.”But Slucki did not belong to football,” said Sluckij.

England had the upper hand since the start of the game, and it was already at the seventh minute after the Sterling action for Lallan, but his shot was thrown to the corner. Sterling had a bigger chance after a quarter of an hour later, but the ball was kicked off at the last minute by Smolnikov returning after a half-hour, but Rooney’s shot was hard, but only to goalman Akinfejev.

The second half Russia, but Dzjuba has not managed to defeat and another dangerous center has turned away from the defense. After an hour of play, Hart had to get a good shot, but he was just starting out with a dangerous Smolov missile from lime.

But in the end, she managed to take the lead.Akinfeyev scored a great minute, but three minutes later he collected it – Dier overcame him with a direct kick. Russia has settled in the setting – the header that crossed the map was taken care of by Captain Berezucki. “It is a shame because we were so close to the victory we would have deserved.” said Dier.

“Getting the European Championship goal and celebrating with the fans was one of the best moments in the career, but I’d rather have won and the goal was given by someone else,” he said.

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