Goalkeeper Boleslav Jedlička made his debut with his own goal

Only one nineteenth goalman Martin Jedlička had a hard debut in the highest competition. Mlada Boleslav, a youth representative in the team, collected three goals at Sparta and even scored the first one. His team lost to Letná in the final league match of autumn smoothly 0: 3.

“I thought I was a bit different about my debut, that I could Energybet keep zero for at least 30 minutes, but I got three goals in 20 minutes, it’s a misery,” said Jedlička in an interview with reporters.

The first league match wounded him in the twelfth minute, when Eldar Čivič was centered, but the ball surprisingly reached the rear pole. From her he bounced back into Jedlička and finished off behind the goal line. Unfortunately, the goal of the opponent did not make things better … I do not even miss the tactical delightedness of the game.

“I did not want to do that anymore, I was Energybet surprised, I just licked it, I ran it to the pole, then the ball bounced to my side and the goal, I knew it was in the goal so we did not hope that he would say the video was not the score, “Jedlička admitted.

Using video in a league is useless. “I’m against the video, the referees should not be humiliated, they’re good judges, we’re people and people have to deal with it,” he said.

Shortly after the first goal he was missed even on the head of Ondrej Zahustela and Josef Šural was overtaken by the half-time. “It is not easy for such a young goalie to Energybet bonuscode score a goal from the center and five minutes later, but he did not think so.” Martin Čuhel assistant to Mladá Boleslav, coach, was not the reason for our defeat.

This season, Jedlička is the fourth goalie, who appeared in Mladá Boleslav’s club after Jakub Diviš, Luděk Vejmol and Kamran Agajev. “As for the whole team, the teammates have been bad luck and the goalkeepers are of good quality, I think we had only bad luck,” said Jedlička.