Handzus: I was surprised to see Shatan’s resolute decision

CHICAGO. Miroslav Šatan did not expect to see the end of Miroslav Šatan’s career either by Michal Handzuš, who is fighting for the NHL finals in the Chicago series with Los Angeles these days.

“I also read that it will be decided in the summer. I was surprised to hear that he was so strenuously pronounced after the last match at the world championships in Belarus, “said SME Handzus. He may return to hockey.

A thirty-eight-year-old striker can experience the feelings of a long-time leader. He does not know if a renowned striker is ever returning to a professional career.

“It’s hard to say, because it’s always hard to quit. When he so declared publicly, he probably will not return. Sharks are worth a word.Sometimes a person may think that’s the right time, but the hockey taste again. It’s hard to guess. ”

Fans would like Shatan to stay at hockey at least as a manager or a coach.

“It’s up to him how he decides. For Slovak hockey it would be great if he stayed with him. He’s an intelligent guy who knows. He has experienced top Australian bookmakers many things in the world, but also in representation. He will do what he will enjoy and fill. He does not need to prove anything to anybody anymore. ”

Handzus played with Shatana a number of matches in the game. He most reminded of the championships from which they won the medal.Always Being Calm down

“The most memorable memories are at the Gothenburg World Cup when we played together in the attack and helped the team to gold. He played fantastic, then in Petrohrady 2000, where he scored the goal. I remember most of the championships where we were playing in the ranks and he was the best attacker of the tournament. ”

Last time, Handzuš played with Shatana on the silver championships two years ago. “People remember most of my pass in the weakness in the semi-finals with the Czechs, which Sharks greatly ended with a goal in the ride.”

The Chicago-tested center perceived Shatana as a real leader who can handle that. “He always knew how to calm the team.He did not say much, but when he said something, he spoke at the right time and when it was needed. This is the most important thing from the leader. ”

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