Miller Zuzulová not impressed

tirelessly to you?

“I do not see it in the wrong, I feel that people I zici. Competition in slalom is squeezed into a couple of tenths. Just párcentimetrové departure from the optimal track or frequent bait on the line. But I do believe. “

Are you a believer?

“Everyone should believe in something. Me too, but I’m not the type, which is before the start crossed by. “

VIDEO: Veronika Zuzulová at a press conference



As you experience last second before the start?

“This is an obstacle to me when I hear the public address how they acted racer before me. I’d rather be quiet.In Spindleruv Mlyn, I understood everything well in Maribor, Slovenian familiarity. Similarly, on the other girls. In Spindleruv Mlyn came to me minks, or perceive what the announcer so vehemently exclaims. When I said that yes, she was glad she was not. “

At the start you have a booth at the hands until picked stick members of the implementation team. How it works v Zuzula team?

“In the last moment by my physiotherapist Jozef Kunyi and serviceman Vlado Kovár. Father is usually the target. A few minutes before the start of me warn the treacherous passage. Usually reminded me that I was racing, just neviezla.We have an aggressive strategy.

Czech Záhrobský walk out on the track a mighty roar. Who’s this?

“Her conditioning coach. This is really the extreme to which all other long laugh. “

What are the words you walk out?

“Really I do not know. I just need to physically perceive the voice of someone known to me is. The contents of words or phrases do not see. “

What other place was more difficult for you? The spindly or Maribor?

“Certainly in Maribor. In the second round it was plus eleven degrees, snow horrible.Condition problems, I feel, the line was short. “

You’re listening to pre-recorded television news?

“Sometimes I upload them, sometimes it to me quick Bet365 Kenya betting bonus reference phone. Therefore I prefer to listen odorníkov-co-host of the Austrian and German television. People who have something in skiing prove each of the skiers take over. I was delighted when I learned that the German television commented Maribor Michaela Gerg, who has the microphone literally encouraged. Very nice. “

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Do you like his style of skiing? “

” No, it’s too wild. Not that I was afraid of it, but I prefer a more elegant skiing. “

And his extravagant style, which openly proclaims decoupled lifestyle. So much so, that do not melt when entering the start a few hours after the Bar haul?

“So I’m not impressed at all. I prefer to sleep, I can not even imagine something like that. Peak skiing requires a perfect recovery.The most prominent one is to take a break at home. “

You are a stable member of the narrower slalom peak. Are your rivals more measured?

“Conversely. They take me more. We are professional and competing, but we often meet. When I go to the European Cup, I do not even know the younger girls. “

You were used to putting pizza between the first and second rounds. Deal?

“No, it was not wise. Now I’ll just give you a soup. Broth. “

After the race, the best doping check is waiting. For dehydrated hockey players literally disaster. How can you handle it?

“Cool. I keep drinking.The problem I only had Three years ago in Spindleruv Mlyn. It lasted for three hours. A week ago, when they asked me again, my father was surprised to find it behind us and we could start home. “