Straka kicked Straka. Pilsen is after a debacle with Sparta without a trainer

Forty-five-year-old Michal Straka, whose younger brother Martin is the head of the club, has led Pilsen as the head coach since November 2014. He then replaced Milan Razý, who had been an assistant since the 2011/12 season. p> Pilsen next to six defeats from the last eight performances in the extralis played also in the first round of the Champions League Champions League. On Tuesday, October 4, Lugano succumbed to Lugano 1: 4 and a week later, home after the 3: 3 draw fell.

“It was our worst performance in the season. Probably we broke the last lost match in Pardubice, it was terrible today, “Michal Straka mentioned Friday’s loss in Pardubice 2: 4. “We, as coaches, of course finish. It was announced to us by the brother in the cabin. It was definitely a difficult decision for him, but I fully respect him.I’m sorry I could not find a recipe for how to break the unfavorable situation, “he added.

After winning the bronze in the last year, Straka’s coaching position was long. “I’m sorry about the appeal, but this is coaching and I’m experiencing it for the first time. The pressure has been on us for a long time, and I tried not to think about it and do my job properly. After that, it did not go any further and it had to best betting bonus offers be done. I hope that the one who comes after me will quickly find a recipe for improvement and Pilsen will go up the table, “he wishes.

Former middle striker after the debacle with Sparta vainly tried at the press conference to find the causes of the nine defeats from 12 matches in the opening extralig quarter. “I’ve been looking for reasons everywhere.We tried a bit to change the game system, some changes in the game and nothing. We did everything possible and I do not know where it is buried, “said Strak disappointed.

” We were definitely forced to lose a goal. We did not even injure important players, and Macha (Machovsky) made a few cheap goals. We’ve brought new players but it has not helped yet. It’s 1xbet one with the other, but it’s just in the season, “said the withdrawn coach.

The Pilsen hockey players lost a single goal five times and led the previous defeat in the 49th minute. “I think that if we reached the winning end of a well-played past match in Pardubice, we might eventually break it. Today it was just a mess, there was nothing there.We were throwing the pucks and I felt like I was a coach, “Straka admitted.

” The brat said that when it was time, it would do the decision. He did it right and I respect it. We did not have an ultimatum before the game, so if we do not win, we will finish. But one senses when the situation occurs and it happens. There was nothing in our hockey today, “he regretted. “I and Cihi (Assistant Cikhak) finish with me. If the team coach Ruda Pejchar will continue, I do not know. You have to rest and have to learn from it. I’m sorry I did not find where the bug was. I’m sure I will stay in the club, “he added.

Michal Straka is the second trainer in this year’s extraliga. German coach Peter Draisaitl finished first in Pardubice on September 20th.Team Dynamo was taken over by Chief Producer Vladimir Martinec and General Manager Pavel Rohlik.